The voice of green business

Looking at the bigger picture is a tradition at CHG-MERIDIAN that dates back over 40 years. Its memberships of various organizations and associations also encourage networking and the sharing of information. We are always looking to expand these activities. After signing up to the Diversity Charter and the UN Global Compact in 2021, we have recently joined more than 500 companies in becoming a member of the Federal Association of Green Business (BNW).

The BNW is a german independent organization that campaigns for environmental and climate protection and is the voice of green business. With more than 500 members, including pioneers in the field of sustainability such as VAUDE and HiPP, and large corporations such as Remondis and Vaillant, the association now represents organizations employing more than 100,000 people. 

“The core of our business model has always been based on the concept of the circular economy. Our commitment to sustainability is born of conviction, and we believe that we and the BNW will learn a lot from one another,” says Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer at CHG-MERIDIAN. “The refurbishment of around 880,000 IT assets a year and last year's launch of carbonZER0, our first carbon-neutral technology finance solution, are two of the most prominent examples of this commitment.” 

Here to stay

These are ideas that fall on fertile ground at the BNW. “Sustainability is far more than a trend. Sustainable business is here to stay,” says managing director Dr. Katharina Reuter. Last year, the association managed to get many of its key concerns included in the coalition agreement of the new German federal government: accelerated phase-out of coal, minimum carbon pricing, national circular economy strategy, introduction of a recycling label, greening of agriculture and announced improvements to social innovation and the economy for the common good. “The coalition agreement opened a door for our concerns. We want to work together to ensure that the ‘great transformation’ results in genuine sustainability,” adds Reuter. 


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