31. 7. 2018 | Weingarten

Public Sector 4.0: Understanding the digital revolution – identifying and leveraging potential

• Digital transformation remains on the public sector's agenda
• Attractiveness as an employer and HR policies that embrace demographic diversity are growing challenges
• CHG-MERIDIAN’s integrated approach promotes digital transformation and efficiency

The digital revolution is opening up new opportunities for the public sector, while at the same time presenting a variety of challenges, according to a recent study into the future of government and the public sector entitled Zukunftspanel Staat & Verwaltung 2018. It was conducted by Wegweiser GmbH Berlin Research & Strategy in collaboration with the Hertie School of Governance to coincide with the sixth Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung congress. So how can the public sector be supported in its efforts to modernize and embrace the digital revolution?

CHG-MERIDIAN, a provider of technology management and financing services for public-sector clients, develops custom solutions for the public sector at national, federal state, regional, and municipal level, as well as for educational establishments and charitable organizations. Our aim is to promote an efficient, sustainable, and budget-oriented digital transformation that ensures that the public sector is fully equipped for the future.


Public Sector 4.0: A vision with many obstacles, but also great potential

Digitalization remains the leading topic of discussion in the public sector. This is also one of the findings of the Zukunftspanel Staat & Verwaltung 2018 study published to coincide with the Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung congress. However, despite the need for technical and organizational modernization, around 70 percent of public-sector bodies state that they are unprepared for the challenges of the digital age. These include developing e-government and taking steps towards digitalization (79.6 percent), establishing an HR policy that embraces demographic diversity (48.5 percent), tightening IT security (38.3 percent), and remaining an attractive employer (32.3 percent). Pressure on budgets, the need to cut costs, and a growing demand for transparency are additional burdens.

The digital revolution offers not only a wealth of potential for technical and business innovation but also social development opportunities for public-sector clients. CHG-MERIDIAN can help the public sector to fully unlock these success factors by modernizing and digitalizing technology landscapes.


Diverse challenges require integrated solutions

In this complex environment with conflicting political, legal, economic, and social interests, CHG-MERIDIAN supports public-sector clients with its years of industry-specific expertise and market knowledge as well as its extensive portfolio of solutions and products. CHG-MERIDIAN helps its customers to shape their digital transformation sustainably along the entire technology lifecycle – with intelligent financing models, technological modernization, and digitalization of the workplace. Our aim is to secure our customers’ long-term performance and adaptability by maximizing efficiency and cost-saving potential.

“Public Sector 4.0 relies not only on modern technology infrastructure, but also on employees with digital skills and forward-looking management. We support our customers along this path to digital transformation,” says Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany at CHG-MERIDIAN. “The challenge, in particular, is to develop end-to-end business concepts that are not only standardized and transparent but also flexible, determined by public-sector clients themselves, and customized to satisfy their individual requirements.”



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