19. 6. 2016 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN supports charity cycling tour for Kinderstiftung Ravensburg

Motivated: The cyclists covered 90 kilometers for a good cause.
Committed: Employees can participate via social activities.
Invested: Donations provide individual support for children.

Pedal together and do good: This is the motto under which the Ravensburg-based association "Radfahren für Kinder e.V." organizes various charity cycling tours every year for a good cause. One of the active association members is also an employee of CHG-MERIDIAN, and suggested that the company participate in a charity tour as part of the CARE initiative. The sporting commitment of the team meant that around €1,500 was raised for a good cause, which CHG-MERIDIAN then presented to Kinderstiftung Ravensburg on the weekend.


Despite bad weather: 25 cyclists, 90 kilometers

The CARE initiative is a CHG-MERIDIAN employee platform that bundles the social activities of the company. The focus is on support of social projects in the regions surrounding the 40 global locations of CHG-MERIDIAN. Employees can submit their own ideas, and actively participate in the social engagement of their employer.

For example the weekend in Ravensburg: on June 19th around 25 cyclists met for a sporty Sunday tour, which was initiated by the local association "Radfahren für Kinder e.V.". The cyclists' ride started off with an ambitious mountain section: The first stage took them up to 800 meters above sea level, to the highest part not only of Upper Swabia but of the European watershed between the Rhine and the Danube. There the participants could enjoy a panoramic view and refreshments provided by the catering team. The 90 km circuit then led the cyclists further toward Illmensee and Pfullendorf.


Kinderstiftung Ravensburg received a €1,500 donation

The beneficiary of the weekend charity cycling tour was Kinderstiftung Ravensburg. They not only received the proceeds from the participation fees, but also a grant from CHG-MERIDIAN: €1,500 was presented by CHG-MERIDIAN employee André Lang, who initiated the CARE project, to Angelika Hipp-Streicher, director of Kinderstiftung Ravensburg.

The focus of the donation will be on investment in the individual support of socially disadvantaged children in the Ravensburg region, so that they can participate in sport, music and cultural offers. In the past year the Kinderstiftung was able to support 77 children with fast and non-bureaucratic individual measures. "For children from less affluent families it is especially important that they are able to participate in social activities", says André Lang. "Achieving this goal is something we're happy to support as part of the CARE initiative by CHG-MERIDIAN."


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