16. 6. 2016 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN celebrates inauguration of headquarters expansion building

Announcement: Headquarters in Weingarten expanded further
Growth: 250 additional workstations created
Dynamic: New Stuttgart and Bielefeld offices already in planning

CHG-MERIDIAN creates new room for further growth: The newly inaugurated expansion building provides the global technology managers another 4,700 square meters of usable space at their headquarters in Weingarten, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Two hundred and fifty new workstations have been set up in the new space. “This now gives us reserve space in line with our long-term growth goals,” enthuses Jürgen Mossakowski, Chairman of the CHG-MERIDIAN AG Board. As of now, just under 130 employees have moved from the existing building into the expansion, bringing a sense of relaxation to what had been a dwindling supply of office space.


Planning foresight allows for a harmonious ensemble

Architecturally speaking, the expansion is based upon a concept by the Stuttgart architectural offices of Daller and Huber, who won a competition advertised by CHG-MERIDIAN together with the city of Weingarten. Even then, the draft incorporated an expansion option, one which has now been realized. Thanks to this foresight, the company’s enlarged headquarters now form a unified structural ensemble that accents the Weingarten urban landscape harmoniously and expressively.


Weingarten location continues to set the pace

CHG-MERIDIAN invested around €20 million in the new building, a move also intended to signal its clear commitment to its Weingarten location. “More than 35 years ago, our company started in Berg bei Weingarten as an office in an apartment and an IBM computer in a basement,” says Jürgen Mossakowski. “Today, from this same location, we manage one billion euros’ worth of technology investments annually for customers in more than 20 countries. And in the future, we want growth and innovation impetuses from Weingarten to continue benefiting our employees and customers all over the world.” At present, around a third of the company’s more than 850 service, sales and administrative employees are based in Weingarten.

On June 15, over 200 guests from around the region attended a ceremony officially inaugurating the expansion building. “CHG-MERIDIAN is one of our city’s largest and most important companies,” said Markus Ewald, Mayor of Weingarten, during the opening ceremony. “As Mayor, it makes me proud that the global players of CHG-MERIDIAN call Weingarten home.” He thanked CHG-MERIDIAN for the commitment to the location that the expansion building symbolizes.


Next expansion measures already on the agenda

Now that the construction project in Weingarten has been completed successfully, CHG-MERIDIAN has already turned its attention to its next expansion endeavors. Although these will be significantly smaller in scope, they will help strengthen CHG-MERIDIAN’s position as a market leader even more. As Frank Kottmann, Board member and Head of Central European Sales, reports, the company will soon be opening an office in Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It also plans to open a new sales branch office in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) and thus establish a new sales region before the end of 2016. “This will help us address the markets in these two dynamic regions even more efficiently, remain closer to our customers and optimize our service to customers in those regions even further,” Kottmann adds.


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