A positive user experience is the key to success

An optimal user experience allows your employees to concentrate on value-adding processes

The Haufe Group is driving its digital transformation forward while focusing on creating a better user experience for customers and employees. Andreas Plaul, Head of ICT, explains why.

Technology management is a multilayered topic for the Freiburg-based Haufe Group. In addition to efficiency and costs, the user experience plays a crucial role.

Technical enablement contributes to the user experience, which is why all Haufe Group employees are provided with a digital workplace that allows them to make the most efficient use of their working hours.

Each employee is given a productive end device, i.e. they don’t have the hassle of a device that has a history of issues or that is underpowered. This gives them the tools they need to carry out the digital transformation to maximum effect within the company and in collaboration with customers.

Optimal user experience at Haufe Group

Process automation reduces the workload and increases transparency

The Haufe Group is using process automation to reduce the burden on the IT support team, allowing them to dedicate more time to other important tasks.

“Our employees are very pleased with how much easier their work is and how straightforward the interaction,” says Andreas Plaul, Head of ICT. “Once they have placed their order, there will ideally be only one more contact when the delivery arrives. And there is maximum transparency throughout: what is the status of my request, who is responsible, and what other information might still be required for the process.”

A self-service portal for mobile end devices is crucial to a positive user experience

Expectations of a digital workplace can vary considerably depending on the employee’s role. Software developers, for example, need high-performance devices. Haufe Group’s self-service portal allows employees to choose and order their own end devices based on their needs and usage patterns. The ability to choose, and the portal’s ease of use, not only motivates employees but also reduces the burden on the procurement and IT departments, and helps to optimize processes and reduce costs.

Usage behavior surveys

The self-service portal offers IT, HR, and Facility Management a whole host of other ways to interact. “The entire process is based on simplicity, transparency, and direct interaction,” Plaul says.

Haufe Group’s IT team regularly conducts surveys to determine how employees’ use of IT is evolving. The department also takes a creative approach, for example with a mobile IT stand at different company locations every week. “This exposes our employees to new topics and trends that accompany the stand on its way around the business,” he adds.

For the Haufe Group, the user experience will remain an important consideration not only in many areas of inhouse IT, but also in the way in which it collaborates with customers. CHG-MERIDIAN is a key strategic partner in this.

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