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The future of work is more flexible – and more productive

You do not only need to be at the desk in your office to do your work. The home office and lounges at airports and train stations now provide plenty of opportunity to be productive. We show you how the latest technology can help you to use your working time most effectively.

Location-independent through the Digital Workplace

You have just had a successful meeting with a customer and are now sitting at the airport, writing up the quote you promised. You access customer data, use the most recent product descriptions, and discuss the matter with a colleague via a chat program. The data is encrypted and sent securely, of course.

Do you like the idea of working from the road and using waiting times at the airport productively, for example? You are not alone.

Flexible working saves time

Surveys on the ‘future of the workplace’ show that respondents associate this term with more flexible working hours, remote working, a better work-life balance, and less pressure to be in the office.

Studies Digitalverband Bitkom

39 %

of German companies already offer working from home

Studies Digitalverband Bitkom

46 %

of companies predict that the number of employees working remotely will increase


74 %

of those in employment want the digital workplace implemented

Your employer will benefit too

Using time spent waiting or travelling to catch up on work reduces the number of tasks that would otherwise be stacking up on your desk. According to experts in the workplace of the future at the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), flexible working models can increase a company’s innovative strength and productivity.

Office sharing, digital workplace solutions, and virtual collaboration tools can help to better reconcile personal and professional interests, says Bitkom’s position paper on ‘Work 4.0’ and preparing Germany’s workplaces for the future (Arbeit 4.0 – Die deutsche Arbeitswelt zukunftsfähig gestalten). Companies that offer working time models to suit all circumstances are more attractive to employees and find it easier to retain them, according to eco, the Association of the Internet Industry. Employers who offer these innovative models thus have a competitive edge when it comes to securing new employees and new skills for the company.

„Thanks to modern technology, flexible working models can already be implemented today. Most employees have already taken the first steps in this direction: smartphones and laptops are part of our everyday lives. Once mobile devices are accompanied by sophisticated and coordinated solutions for virtual collaboration and remote access to the company network, productive and flexible working can begin. A real win-win situation for employees and employers alike.”
Lukas Wojoczek, Digital Workplace Sales at CHG-MERIDIAN

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Functional Teamleader DWP / Senior Technical Sales

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